Climate change

COP26: Daily briefing of the UN summit on climate change on Monday 8 November


We love a good old fashioned queue

With problems with queuing, online access and Covid-19 protocols, the UNFCCC, the agency overseeing COP26, hasn’t exactly had its issues to research.

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But the agency had another headache yesterday after being the victim of a prank by the Yes Men, the activist group that denounces the dominant influence of business.

What was the size of the queue? Barack Obama was a major draw at COP26. (Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

He started a bogus company known as Yasava, which is touted as “the world’s first designer of bespoke tailoring interiors for private jets.” In other words, far from being the most climate-friendly company.

To their surprise, their bid to have the company included in two official COP26 initiatives – the Race to Zero Campaign and the Science-Based Targets Initiative – was approved without delay.

You have junk mail

Have a thought for the pissed off UN officials who have had to do their best to maintain their employer’s diplomatic reputation in the face of adversity.

Some volunteers try to flog their uniforms online, but not Donald Onaiwu, Leigh Baxter, Bob Alston and Kirstin McEwan model Cop26 volunteer uniforms (Jane Barlow / PA) / PA Wire

The reason? Barack Obama was in town yesterday and several observer organizations had received emails inviting them to attend the main event.

When a large queue formed outside the offices of the UNFCCC, the news was disappointing. The emails had been sent by mistake and there were only about 20 spaces. A little tight considering the number of registered observers is around 1,500.

Word on the wicked streets of Glasgow is that some of those who volunteered to volunteer their time and with little reward other than a ‘thank you’ from the organizers flogged their unique uniforms on the internet.

Ecological references: Glenfiddich’s fleet of trucks runs on biogas made from the remains of the distillery.

Designer jackets, polo shirts, backpacks, face masks and pom-pom beanies produced by Lion Safety in Falkirk for the summit were listed by sellers in Clydebank and Edinburgh.

Over 10,000 people applied for the unpaid assistant roles and unfortunately some of those selected to participate did not show up that day.

Have a thought for these indigenous tribes who have traveled thousands of miles to highlight the threats they face due to climate change.

Some have seen felled forests, washed away soil during monsoons, abnormal flooding, loss of habitat for wildlife, and encroachment on their tribal lands by greedy companies with the tacit approval of corrupt officials at local levels and national.

Haunted? The Hamish Allan Center in Glasgow.

Glenfiddich has created a 26 year old limited edition scotch – in partnership with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland – to commemorate COP26. Individuals will have the opportunity to bid on one of the 100 bottles via a charity auction (November 22-29) Royal Mile Whiskeys, the proceeds of which will be donated to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to continue its mission to fight climate change.

They were invited to COP26 to present their case, on the understanding that accommodation would be organized.

And when none of them materialized, they went to bed in Glasgow, in the fall, on the streets of the city.

Now a charity group has stepped in and prepared raw, ready-made parts for them at a former emergency overnight shelter for homeless people, from which they are likely to be evicted by Glasgow City Council.

But in the meantime, they may have to endure the occasional encounter with a ghostly spirit who has allegedly wandered the halls of the Hamish Allan Center in the city’s Tradeston for decades.


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