Climate change

Fighting climate change with containerized research laboratories

Research shows that there is more carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere than ever before in human history. TO CANCEL address the adverse effects of climate change by using improved weathering, based on the natural weathering of rocks.

S Jones Containers were tasked with creating a fully containerized lab space that would allow the UNDO carbon team to expand their on-site research capabilities.


UNDO, a sister company of The Future Forest Company, fights climate change by developing processes that reverse climate change and maximize the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. UNDO’s goal is to be the first company to eliminate 1 million tons of CO2 and remove 1 billion tons from our atmosphere by 2030.

The pioneering process of carbon dioxide removal is achieved using innovative nature-based technologies alongside cutting-edge scientific research, such as improved aging models that use rocks to absorb carbon. This nature-based technology is safe, effective and beneficial to the environment.

UNDO also partners with local farming communities, works with businesses to meet net zero commitments, and helps people who want to make a difference by using high-quality carbon credits.

The challenge

In order to carry out soil testing at a forestry site in Fauldhouse, Scotland, UNDO required two bespoke laboratories to allow the team to conduct field research into the applications of basalt rock and its interactions with floor. This research is fundamental to understanding these two carbon removal technologies in a real environment.

With this in mind, UNDO needed a fully containerized solution that could be easily transported between different forestry sites for a variety of sustainable research projects.

The solution

S Jones Containers has converted two 20ft shipping containers into transportable research labs for field use.

Both container units were fitted with lighting and electrical points, and finished with white melamine wall coverings, sealed with a cap and cove floor, to provide a flush and easy to clean surface.

The converted containers include plenty of built-in storage for the UNDO’s lab equipment, as well as a sink with water heater so cleaning can be done efficiently. An air conditioning unit was also installed to help maintain an even temperature inside the containers so that the research teams have a comfortable working environment.

One of the new container labs was needed to test soil samples for metal. For this reason, the container in question could not have metallic materials used in its design as it could contaminate the samples, so the conversion team used wood and plastic props to ensure the notebook of the customer’s charges was respected.

What UNDO had to say

Rob Palmer, Head of Emerging Technologies at UNDO, said, “To enable work at UNDO to be scalable, it seemed natural to move to containerized labs that could move across the country to any location we need it. In addition to conducting our own research, we fund other environmental research projects. Having a portable lab space means we can also provide resources to third-party teams to conduct their research.

“Working with S Jones Containers on this project has been a pleasure. The conversion team were enthusiastic about the project and took the time to understand our specific needs for the units, such as a metal-free interior for a lab. They were flexible to our requests and produced two functional lab spaces for our team to perform vital durability testing for years to come.

Andrew Capella, General Manager of Conversions at S Jones Containers, said: “Converted shipping containers are well suited for science projects and remote industrial facilities. Not only do they provide design flexibility, but they are sturdy and can be transported between sites. A brick-and-mortar building doesn’t offer much flexibility, and it certainly can’t be moved, so containerizing a lab makes perfect sense for researchers in the field.

“It’s great to see the work UNDO is doing to help save the planet, and the S Jones conversion team are proud to have been able to aid their research efforts with our bespoke container labs.”

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