Climate change

Friday Letters: Glenwood traffic, countering Harcourt, climate change questions

Traffic calming issues

Subject: Recent report on traffic problems in Glenwood Springs (9/7 Post Independent).

Signal coordination seems like a good and necessary step (for quite some time now). However, I’m having trouble visualizing how medians might work. As hard as our good town laborers work, even CDOT competes with Wendy’s for employees (lower pay and harder hours). For years their location for snow (when we have it) has been in the middle of Grand and other streets.

Along with this there is increased traffic and a narrow Grand Ave. How could this be circumvented?

P.WelchGlenwood Springs

Speeding Midland

The speeding on South Midland is out of control. People speed along this road at speeds of 40 to 60 miles per hour at all times of the day.

During the construction phase, I was approached by members of the city council and school district about the height of our fence. They said there would be school kids walking on the new sidewalk which they made 10ft wide for safety. According to them, our fence would not allow motorists to see children at crosswalks. So we lowered our fence for security reasons.

I asked if the city was going to put speed bumps and they told me that with the narrowing of the road motorists were going to slow down. I have since emailed members of the city council to let them know motorists are not slowing down and if they are considering installing speed bumps for added safety. I did not get any answer.

The police department has set up a speed check on the road, but motorists are just passing by. Motorists speed past while children and citizens walk the sidewalk without fear of reprisal. I have spoken to my neighbors and they are also expressing these concerns. Motorists even pass other motorists traveling at 30 miles per hour in a 25 mph double yellow line zone. People’s safety is at risk.

Had they had the foresight to install speed bumps during construction, the cost would have been minimal. Protect our children, our animals and our residents; install speed bumps and make our community safer. Thanks

Chris CrossGlenwood Springs

restore balance

In response to John Harcourt (letters 9/6): I am also a moderate conservative (but not affiliated with any political party) and agree with a number of your assertions.

I also believe in funding and supporting our police, law enforcement (including the FBI), and the military (our current administration has increased funding to hire police officers).

I also believe in enforcing our current laws, including punishing rioters, such as the rioting insurgents who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, smashed windows and defaced the Capitol Building, seriously injuring over 100 police.

I also believe that crime is a serious problem in our cities, especially in communities of color, that must be addressed through a multi-faceted approach. No one I know, Liberal or Conservative, would disagree with that.

Yes, we have had real economic difficulties with high inflation and high gas prices (due to the war in Ukraine, not administration policies). But inflation is slowing and gasoline prices are falling. I can certainly find many positive things this administration has accomplished that will translate into positive economic results: lower prescription drug prices for seniors, an infrastructure bill, a veterans health care and a semiconductor manufacturing bill, to name a few.

I wonder in what precise way the current government tries to control everything in your life. If you were a woman, I could understand your point since women no longer have full autonomy in matters of reproductive health and in some states are forced to give birth regardless of the circumstances surrounding how they were impregnated or if it will put their own life in danger.

I believe our country is on the wrong track – because of the current threats to our democracy from extremists who would seek to overthrow the government, not because of the policies of this administration.

Electing more extremists to the House and Senate will not improve our democracy. We need to restore balance in our government, not increase partisanship.

Laurie LawrenceMusket

Is there a climate emergency?

A “World Climate Declaration” was confirmed a few weeks ago by around 1,200 climate scientists and professionals around the world, saying there is no climate emergency. They said all the evidence points to increased carbon dioxide (CO2) and increased earth temperature not being harmful. The “cure” to get rid of fossil fuels ASAP… will likely be far worse than the disease of climate change.

Those who fear the eventual end of human civilization claim that there is over 99% consensus that there is indeed a crisis and that we must achieve zero CO2 by 2050. World Climate Declaration” positively state that it is no surprise that we are experiencing both natural and man-made warming. Climate models exaggerate CO2 as a pollutant. CO2 is absolutely not a pollutant; it supports all life, including the greening of our planet. We even exhale CO2 while breathing.

Geological records reveal that Earth’s climate has changed since the planet has existed – 10,000 years ago Chicago was covered in a mile of ice. Where did that 5,000 foot mountain of ice go, created by the supremacy of “climate change”?

Floyd DiemozGlenwood Springs