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Letter to the editor: Russian climate models are more accurate for forecasting purposes


When the global warming controversy started, the scientists involved released a graph: a graph / graph showing that the temperature of the atmosphere or the ocean (I can’t remember which one, but it doesn’t matter. now) is growing so rapidly lately that the graph looks like a hockey stick.

In less than a day, it was discovered that the authors had used a technique called parametrization in their work. In a two-dimensional application, the technique is to select two distant points from a group of points and draw a line between them, arbitrarily ignoring other data points. Unfortunately, these scientists exaggerated by drawing two lines end to end with a sharp bend to support their theory of an accelerated warming trend. A method called least squares regression would have been much more accurate but would not have indicated the large increase in temperature they wanted to show. They may have used least squares regression and then falsified the result. Anyway, they did what we ordinary people call cooking the books.

These same scientists were accused of controlling what could be published and had consistently denied the publications of opposing views. Once exposed, those involved in the subterfuge were immediately ostracized by their peers. Unsure of the continued value of the word “warming” to the cause, the movement’s proponents turned to climate change and continued to drum up drums.

Parameterization of climate data began in Europe in the 1970s. We are told that the Russians did not parameterize climate data. Therefore, their current models have been found to be more accurate for prediction purposes. You might be uncomfortable knowing that we have to depend on the Russians for such information. Too bad. We depended on the Germans for rocket craftsmanship and on the Japanese for automotive quality. And they were both our enemies in WWII. So what’s up?

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