Climate change

Where’s the vaccine against climate change? It is not so easy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally contemplates the similarities between the current pandemic and the greatest threat we face, climate change. Much of what has happened over the past few years has plunged me into spirals of desperation for the future, horrified by political venality and lack of global cooperation, or in […]

Climate change

Can you solve climate change better than world leaders?

En-ROADS is fun (and depressing) to explore. Spoiler alert: the magnitude of the combined actions needed to keep warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius is quickly becoming evident. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Users can grasp any combination of scenarios, from pricing carbon to reducing deforestation to electric vehicles to ending fossil fuel subsidies, and instantly […]

Climate change

Faatiha’s serious mission to fight climate change

Fri 24 Dec 2021 00:00 Last update on: Fri Dec. 24, 2021 04:20 AM In 2018, Faatiha Aayat addressed the International Youth Day Conference at the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber on Global Warming and Climate Change. Photo: courtesy “> In 2018, Faatiha Aayat addressed the International Youth Day Conference at the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber […]

Climate change

Naracoorte’s megafauna has succumbed to both humans and climate change, research finds

A team of scientists, computer modelers and paleontologists have discovered the reasons why megafauna have disappeared from southeastern South Australia. Key points: New research shows that a reduction in food was likely the result of both climate change and human intervention Naracoorte Caves in South Australia believed to be a treasure trove of ancient megafauna […]

Climate change

Client strategies that insurers should implement in a context of climate change

When a natural disaster strikes, it is essential that insurers have the right staff to help affected customers. (Credit: Onur / Adobe Stock.) The impact of climate change is no longer debatable. A McKinsey & Company report concludes that stronger and more frequent natural disasters are “destroying homes and businesses at record rates and endangering […]

Climate change

Climate Change and Health – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

Dr Richa Mahajan,Dr Rajiv K Gupta Climate change is a critical public health problem which, in addition to introducing new parasites and pathogens into communities, exacerbates many existing diseases and conditions. Climate change indicates an increase in sea surface temperature, an increase in the severity of extreme weather events, a rise in sea level, melting […]

Climate change

How seaweed harvesting could help in the fight against climate change

Reuters Videos Northvolt aims to take on Tesla in the arctic lair Santa’s elves aren’t the only ones working around the clock in the Arctic in December. Enter the Northvolt factory. Imagined by Managing Director Peter Carlsson, he is determined to open the plant, about 200 km south of the Arctic Circle, this month. This […]

Climate change

Africa cannot face climate change alone by Kristalina Georgieva & Félix Tshisekedi

Despite having played a negligible role in creating the climate crisis, African countries are already finding themselves paying the price. More creative and proactive forms of international support are needed to help African countries adapt and sustain progress towards broader sustainable development goals. KINSHASA – Africa hardly contributes to global warming. Its 1.4 billion inhabitants, […]

Climate change

Why tornadoes are the hardest disasters to link to climate change

After tornadoes hit six U.S. states late last week, killing at least 88 people and razing warehouses, nursing homes and factories, many were quick to blame global warming for at least part damage. Over the weekend, numerous media speculated that global warming may have played a role and lobbied policymakers for answers. Deanne Criswell, the […]

Climate models

Argonne scientists advance global climate models by embarking on two new field campaigns

Newswise – Campaign data will help improve the accuracy of weather and climate models. Climate projections suggest that rising global temperatures will increase the intensity of extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, hurricanes and heat waves. But when, where and how specifically these events will emerge is still uncertain. To better predict future changes, scientists […]