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PURA highlights unicorn perspectives on climate change from Blackrock in light of Farmersville hemp brand

Dallas, Texas, Feb. 09 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Puration, Inc. (OTC Pink: PURA) today highlighted recent comments from Blackrock, Inc. CEO Larry Fink about companies with innovative offerings that may have a impact on climate change. PURA management views Mr. Fink’s comments as further validation of PURA’s industrial hemp strategy to introduce sustainable hemp-based innovations.

From Blackrock CEO: Energy transition will create 1,000 unicorns

I am convinced that the next 1,000 unicorns – companies that have a market valuation over $1 billion – will not be a search engine, will not be a media company, they will be companies developing green hydrogen , green agriculture , green steel and green cement,Fink said Monday at the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The article went on to explain the term “unicorn”:

In 2013, when venture capitalist Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, coined the term “unicorn” to describe VC-backed companies valued at $1 billion or more, only 14 companies still privately held under ten years qualified for the title. Crunchbase now has 952 worldwide, with just over 300 in the US alone, with the US cohort valued at nearly $1 trillion.

As you’d expect, the software, cloud, and media space are well represented, with recent entrants Airbnb Inc.., Snowflake Inc., Door Dash Inc., Zoom Inc.., CrowdStrike Inc. and Moderna inc. debut at massive valuations

PURA recently released its 2022 Industrial Hemp Strategic Outlook, detailing the company’s plan to grow revenue and increase shareholder value by driving market-wide demand for the myriad yet to be realized uses of hemp.

Brian Shibley, CEO of PURA, made the following statement, “I believe PURA’s Farmersville Hemp Cooperative has the potential to be a unicorn for the industrial hemp industry. I see a unicorn valuation from one of our hemp pilot projects demonstrating a scalable financial model that warrants a billion dollar valuation, or from the adoption of a hemp-related technology that warrants a valuation a billion dollars. Maybe both.

The industrial hemp industry, to include the portion of CBD that comes exclusively from hemp, is expected to grow to reach $18 billion by 2026.

PURA management believe this to be a substantial understatement, as the industry has yet to recognize the multitude of ways hemp can be used.

The sustainability market is expected to grow from $9 billion reported in 2021 to over $41 billion by 2028.

PURA management believes that the impact hemp can have on sustainability is not fully factored into industrial hemp forecasts.

PURA expects to generate $1 million in revenue in 2022 with the potential to reach $10 million in revenue this year.

See the company Industrial hemp strategic plan 2022 to learn more.

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