Climate change

The United States should lead by example in the fight against climate change


A recent letter to the editor caught my eye. The author was talking about problems for voters. He mentioned inflation, certainly a big problem, although it is a global problem. He also mentioned another global issue, climate change, and said policymakers should recognize that developing countries were not going to ban fossil fuels, but rather build coal-fired power plants, implying that there was no reason for the United States to make changes to reduce emissions when all other countries are not doing the same.

We cannot let the practices of other countries keep us from doing what is right. I have always been proud of the United States as a world leader and believe that we should be a model for what is possible and beneficial, and take important steps to reduce carbon emissions. Why would we follow the example of countries that take counterproductive measures?

Unfortunately, we are already seeing the effects of climate change, with frequent heat waves and smoky skies from fires intensified by warming temperatures. These problems will only get worse if we don’t take action to transition to a clean energy future. The recent UN report made it clear that immediate action to reduce emissions is needed to avert climate catastrophe.

I totally agree with the letter writer that we need to make the best decisions for future generations. And if we want our children and grandchildren to thrive in a livable world, the United States must step up, take leadership, and be a model for other countries to follow.

Nancy Vandenberg