Climate models

Clouds could be the missing link in climate models

Scientists have been trying to figure out why the latest generation of climate models predict a much hotter future than previously thought. The main culprit could be clouds, according to a new article published on June 24 in Scientists progress (1). Every few years, a more advanced generation of climate models emerges. In the latest […]

Climate models

Increased warming in latest generation of climate models likely caused by clouds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain As scientists scramble to determine why some of the latest climate models suggest the future may be hotter than previously thought, a new study says the reason is likely related to challenges simulating training and cloud evolution. The new research, published in Scientists progress, provides an overview of 39 updated models […]

Climate variability

Is climate variability organized? – Eos

One fascinating aspect of the climate system is that its variability is governed by simple mathematical relationships. A recent paper in Geophysics Reviews explains how these mathematical relationships — in the form of power laws– structure a large part of climate variability in terms of time, space and intensity. Understanding how climate variability is structured […]

Climate models

Latest climate models show more intense droughts to come

The Maranoa River south of Mitchell, Queensland during the 2017 drought. Credit: Chris Fithall (Flickr Creative Commons CC BY 2.0) An analysis of new climate model projections by Australian researchers at the ARC Center of Excellence for Climate Extremes shows South West Australia and parts of South Australia will experience longer and more intense droughts […]