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Climate change is reducing and fragmenting salmon habitat

Bear Valley Creek is a tributary of Idaho’s aptly named Salmon River. With its lazy meanderings, rushing waters and limited human impact, “it’s as good as it gets for the salmon,” Crozier said. Its salmon population has been robust, but even here climate change is beginning to affect chinook habitat. Credit: James A. McKean Salmon […]

Climate change

As climate change threatens rising urban costs, is biomimicry the way forward?

Concept illustrating new possibilities for the development of sustainable construction technologies and … [+] green life in the form of a house-shaped pond located in a lush forest. 3d rendering. Getty It is well established that urban environments will house the majority of the world’s population in the coming decades. Although extreme weather conditions cause […]

Climate change

Climate change affects the likelihood of armed conflict

Climate change affects the likelihood of armed conflict. Credit: UPV Climate change influences the likelihood and duration of armed conflict in Africa. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by a team from the INGENIO Institute, a joint center of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas […]

Climate change

The Gadi supercomputer analyzes climate change

New funding will unlock powerful Australian simulators to give scientists around the world a better chance of tackling climate change. The Canberra-based supercomputer Gadi, which means “search” in the language of the Ngunnawal people, will do the math. The $7.6 million research facility unveiled Thursday will share its computing power with citizen scientists, industry, international […]

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Federal Report on Massive NM Wildfires Notes Communication Blackouts and Outdated Climate Models | Environment

The U.S. Forest Service released its report Tuesday, June 21, into the circumstances that led to the Calf Canyon–Hermits Peak Fire, a massive wildfire that resulted from two prescribed burns of the Santa Fe National Forest that became out of control and then merged. As of Tuesday, the wildfire had scorched 341,471 acres in northern […]

Climate change

Turkey goes even further in the fight against climate change

Turkey has set itself a target that goes beyond the reduction required as a developing country, announcing to the world its goal of being carbon neutral by 2053. The country has great potential at this point. It has tripled its only installed capacity of renewable energy in the last 20 years, while more than half […]

Climate change

350 Wisconsin director pledged to reverse ‘catastrophic’ climate change | Science & Environment

Chris Hubbuch | Wisconsin State Journal John Greenler was a teacher, farmer, administrator and activist. Over the past two decades, his work has focused on fostering connections between researchers, policymakers, and the public around the risks of climate change and efforts to address it. He now leads 350 Wis.a volunteer-run group that is the state’s […]

Climate change

Which communities in New York are most susceptible to the harms of climate change? Weigh yourself by July 7

“The way the state defines ‘disadvantaged’ is often unfair and inaccurate. In Manhattan, Hudson Yards and much of the High Line are considered disadvantaged, unlike many communities of color in Queens. Michael Appleton/Mayor’s Photographic Office Flood damage in Woodside, Queens from Hurricane Ida in 2021. CityViews are the opinions of readers, not those of City […]

Climate change

As climate change reshapes Alaska’s landscapes, tundra fires worsen

The Apoon Pass fire burns across the tundra on June 11, 2022. The Apoon Pass fire is close to the East Fork fire. (Photo by AFS/Ryan McPherson) For weeks, wildfires have raged across the vast region of southwest Alaska, threatening villages, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres and pushing smoke across the state. Fire on […]

Climate change

‘Viral dark matter’ could help mitigate climate change – here’s how

Recently, scientists discovered a treasure trove of new data on RNA viruses in the ocean, including 5,500 new species of RNA viruses. Analysis suggests that a small portion of them had genes “stolen” from organisms they infected, which helps identify their functions in marine processes. Several can help drive absorbed carbon from the atmosphere to […]

Climate change

Acne breakouts can be made worse by climate change

Cumulative data from recent years suggests that the burning of fossil fuels not only results in significant environmental impacts, but also significant overall and skin health impacts.1 While its negative impact on environmental health is clear, the effects that burning fossil fuels and a warming world have on skin diseases, including acne, have only more […]

Climate change

Climate change continues to pose challenges for Michigan farmers

EATON RAPIDS, Michigan — With weather more extreme than 10 or 20 years ago, climate change is creating challenges for Michigan farmers. We wanted to see how farmers are adapting and how they can even help slow down climate change. “When we think of climate change, it is something that is caused, largely by humans, […]

Climate change

Israeli study: Climate change brings expected storms – but 60 years earlier

Climate change is already causing a “significant intensification” of winter storms in the Southern Hemisphere to a level not expected before 2080, a new Israeli study has found. The study, published by the Weizmann Institute of Science in the journal Nature Climate Change, is part of an effort by scientists around the world to use […]

Climate variability

First set of large ensemble simulations reveal the role of internal climate variability

Researchers from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) produced a very large ensemble simulation with 110 members from their climate system model FGOALS-g3. This first set of large ensemble simulations may reveal the role of internal climate variability in future global monsoon projections. The full extent of their […]

Climate change

Letter: Routt GOP’s ‘do nothing’ approach to climate change is a missed opportunity

I’m disappointed. Routt County Republicans had a half-page opinion piece in the Pilot & Today regarding climate change and the “costs” of the Routt County Climate Action Plan. There are a lot of excellent conservative thinkers and policy experts out there, so I was hopeful that what we would read in the article would be […]

Climate change

Saudi water companies betting on hydrogen to fight climate change: IDA CEO

RIYADH: The ancient city of the Nabataeans in the historic AlUla Valley rises from the dawn of time to put Saudi Arabia on the world tourism map. The AlUla Royal Commission, or RCU, is keen to take this step by pursuing a bold master plan to develop its hospitality, tourism and sustainability infrastructure. “The historic […]

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Reality check for Ai before serving on the front lines of climate change

NEW DELHI : Tilda, designer, is doing her part to reduce carbon emissions. She will showcase a handmade collection of 30 fashion garments created entirely from discarded and repurposed materials at a metaverse store on World Environment Day on June 5. So what, you may ask. Tilda is one of countless designers around the world […]

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Southwest WA is forecast for a dry winter and climate change is part of the reason

As Australia’s north and east brace for a very wet winter, the weather bureau’s seasonal outlook shows that WA’s most populated region looks drastically different from the rest of the country. Key points: WA’s Southwest Land Division Expected to Have a Drier Winter Warmer ocean temperatures are part of the reason Climate change models suggest […]